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​Water is a necessity of life and we would not be able to survive without it. However, when water gets into your home where it is not supposed to be, then it can become a nuisance and a danger.

Leaks in homes are one of our customers’ biggest complaints.  Or, you have that constant running toilet always keeping you up at night.

Leaks can cause numerous problems in your home. Harold’s Plumbing can help Gretna residents by detecting leaks and repairing them with minimal disruption to your schedule and your home. With our tech savvy services, we can detect leaks in your home, even if they are underneath your slab. Most of the time leaks present themselves with some sort of telltale sign, whether it may be actual visible water somewhere or even cracks, sags, and dark spots.

Our professional team of experts knows exactly what to look for in your home and can determine the root cause for all of your worries. By using our pipe video services we can trace every line in your home, water or sewer, and determine whether or not there are any failures in the pipe that may be causing your problems.  As we know, sometimes the leak itself is not always in the easiest location to find or repair.  Plumbing problems in Gretna often surface when the foundation is settling or voids are appearing next to a home. These are indications of a failing pipe beneath the slab.  We utilize our video service to determine if any of the pipes are causing the cavities, and if they are, we put to work another one of our advanced technologies to reach and repair it. Hydro tunneling has reshaped the way plumbers, especially in the Gretna and New Orleans area, have tackled these underground nuances that have occurred beneath the slab.

Imagine coming home one rainy evening to find out that a pipe on the water heater busted and is spraying water all over your attic and dripping down your interior wall!
The process of hydro tunneling allows the technicians to create a small tunnel beneath your foundation, making it accessible to them without disturbing the slab, or the entire foundation beneath your home. Once they are able to visually inspect the failed pipe, they are able to repair it by hand and fully inspect all the other pipes in the same location for any failures the video may not have shown in entirety. In the past the damage to the pipe was much more extensive than our Gretna clients ever could have imagined. After the repairs are completed, We bring in our sand pumping division to backfill the tunnel wit dry sand. By pumping dry sand into the tunnel we ensure that every inch of the hole is filled and sealed off from ever having water return underneath your home. Water finding its way beneath your home through these cavities can be almost as destructive to the soil under your foundation as the leak in the first place. Hiring Harold’s Plumbing to take care of your busted pipes, clogged drains, or leaky faucets is the best way to make sure that every step of the job is performed properly and will not come back a few weeks later. We have over twenty years of  experience in the Gretna area.  Let us show you why our customers rate Harold’s the best plumbing company on the South shore. 

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