​At Harold’s Plumbing, we received those calls from customers that are in a state of panic about their dreaded utility bill. Many times, this is due to leaky pipes. It’s funny that some people seem to forget these utility bills come every month and one needs to consistently watch them especially for major spikes.  Now, according to the most recent statistics, some households have actually fought and won cost-reductions. This is only after they were able to prove that their household plumbing leaks were undetectable. Unfortunately, many others were not so lucky. This is why so many get stuck with an ignored plumbing problem bill.

It is simply stated by most utility companies that every customer must take action to locate and fix a leak as soon as they become aware of it. In other words, call a professional plumber and fix the plumbing leak before it turns into a huge cost. One of the most common example of an undetected leak is usually the underground one whereas, their pipes burst with absolutely no visible sign of any water loss until it’s too late.


What we suggest is to create a schedule of regular maintenance in order to avoid and/or identify any plumbing leaks.  We highly suggest the following: 

  • Regular maintenance to check for possible leaks from flush units in toilets, taps, urinals and/or showers
  • Consistently identifying leaks in cooling towers, plants and all equipment
  • By having a scheduled maintenance, one will replace all washers/seals on an annual basis.  

We tell all of our customers do not ignore the warning signs. I’m sure everyone reading this has experienced a plumbing problem. However, don’t let the minor issues, such as stammering faucet, a clogged-up toilet, or a small and stinky sewer backup on your yard, disguise the much bigger problem. 

It is always imperative to have a thorough investigation to make sure you aren’t just seeing the tip of the problem so to speak. At Harold’s Plumbing, our professional licensed plumbers will inspect your sewer lines with our underground drain cameras. This will assess the main issue, the root cause, instead of just placing a band aid on your plumbing problem.  This a FREE service with any sand pumping job as well!

While we’re on the subject of plumbing challenges, let’s talk about the changing seasons and how this affects your home. When there are rapid changes in the temperature, this will cause all the pipes to contract and expand. This can cause cracks in the pipes.  Pipes will become brittle when the ground freezes and the water temperature drops below 40 degrees.  This is when you need to call our team of experts. We will take care of your plumbing issues in a timely manner at an affordable cost. Don’t let these minor plumbing problems turn into thousands of dollars when it could have been a quick fix by your New Orleans plumbing experts.

In the event of a plumbing emergency, our emergency plumbers are available 24/7 on any day or night that you need us. These plumbing emergencies need to be taken care of in a quick and efficient manner. So, call us today when in need of the right solution to your plumbing needs.

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  • I like what you said about scheduling regular maintenance for your plumbing system so that you can avoid any major leaks. My brother has been telling me about how some water has been pooling under his sink, and I think that it could be the product of a leak. I’ll share this information with him so that he can look into his options for plumbers who can help him with this.

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