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Integrity, service and reliability—everything you can expect from Harold’s Plumbing, LLC. We take pride in providing drainage solutions for commercial and residential customers. We are committed to delivering the highest quality repairs and installations within budget and time constrictions. Our experienced technicians take the worry out of your home improvement or repair project by providing you with effective solutions, so you can focus on other matters. With locations in KennerMetairie, and New Orleans, Harold and his team can be found throughout the metro area.

Harold’s Plumbing, LLC, in conjunction with its sister business Gator’s Sandpumping, LLC, offers a sand pumping service for commercial and residential property owners—no water, no mess, used to fill voids, pools and yards. Our sand pumping service allows you to reach difficult areas otherwise unreachable by conventional methods. Quick, easy and efficient!

Harold’s Plumbing, LLC, is a full-service, local plumbing company providing you with the latest techniques to detect leaks and other drainage problems. We find them quickly and with minimal damage to your property, saving you money. We are a local company that can afford to give you prompt, courteous, personalized service and the attention to detail that you deserve. You can always rely on us to provide you with the best service at all times at competitive prices. Contact us at 504-915-5111 to get an expert opinion from Harold’s. We guarantee that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Watch our brief two minute video for tips on choosing a plumber in your area.  A few of these tips include:

  1. Ask family and friends for referrals
  2. Google the requested service for your area and see who is listed
  3. Ask about experience and if they are local
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Plumbing Maintenance Tips

for Your Home

Like most people, you have invested a lot of time and money into your home.

 When you purchase a house you have the expectation that it will last and continue to provide shelter and security for your family for years to come.

Within the walls of your home you can find love and laughter but very rarely do we think about what it takes to make a home run properly.

That is because inside the walls and under the floors are intricately placed plumbing drains, pipes and wires tucked away out of sight.

Without these things there would be no running water or electricity.  It is not until the unfortunate event of a drainage problem or leaking pipe busting or a toilet requiring repair that you are quickly reminded of just how dependent we are on our plumbing.

The residential plumbing system has evolved over the years and is in fact a fascinating collection of highways and byways typically made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes.

These crucial drain ways are engineered in such a manner that if installed properly should last a long time.  While your sanitation system and water fixtures are made to last, without proper maintenance and care they can prematurely malfunction.

As most of us know, dealing with a clogged toilet or backed up kitchen sink is something to be avoided.  That is why your friends at Harold’s Plumbing have come up with a list of easy plumbing maintenance tips to keep your home’s pipes working properly and clog free.

And, as always, remember, when you do a visual inspection of your interior and exterior pipes. always look for the signs of a potential leak.

After reading our handy tips, if you have questions or would like to schedule plumbing services, our professional staff at Harold’s is only a call away.  Plumbing tips for sinks, toilets and laundry rooms:

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Some of the common sink plumbing problems homeowners can have are easily remedied or can be avoided if precautionary methods are taken. The part of your sink that water flows out of and turns the water on and off is part of the faucet assembly.  Water flows through the flange or strainer basket and with gravity’s help eventually moves through the pipes under the sink and out to the sewer lines.   Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your kitchen and bathroom sinks:

Leaky faucets might not seem like a big deal at first.  But overtime, they can worsen and in some cases cause inflation of your utility bill.  Additionally, leaking kitchen or bathroom faucets can cause unsightly stains in your sink from mineral build up.  It is easy to repair a leaky faucet if detected soon enough.  That is because within the faucet there is a rubber washer that can get worn out.  A simple trip to your hardware store to buy a replacement washer would fix your leaking tap problem in a jiffy.

clogged sink drain can be very bothersome.  Like many plumbing issues they too can be avoided with proper sink plumbing precautions.  In the case of all sink drains, it is best to have a drain strainer.  This will block large particles of food, hair and debris from entering the sink and causing drainage clogs.  You should check to see if your household sinks have strainers.  If not, you can easily purchase one that fits your drain.

In addition to having a sink strainer, regular weekly and monthly cleaning of the drain is recommended.  Removing the strainers or stoppers and cleaning out any build up once a week will keep your drains clog free and your plumbing running properly.  Monthly maintenance to your garbage disposal is also recommended by using a simple mixture of ice and salt to break up any grease build up and ensure proper water flow.  Also, pouring a biodegradable, non–corrosive drain cleanser solution once a month in all of your sink drains will also prevent drain clogs.  Call your local sink experts at Harold’s for a suggestion of appropriate drain solution brands.

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